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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit for the inflatables that you rent?

Unless specified elsewhere, the age limit for all of our inflatables is 15 years old. This means that no one over the age of 15 is allowed to play in the equipment. In addition to our age limit, we ask that you do not allow people of varying ages or sizes play in the units at the same time. This is to help keep the smaller children safe at all times.

How much space do I need for, what are the power requirements for, and how many people can use the different items you rent?

Please click here and choose the inflatable that you will be renting to find out the space needed, power requirements, and any other special instructions for our different equipment. For all of our equipment, you are responsible for providing a level surface, roughly the size of the inflatable that you are renting. The area must be free from debris (including rocks & sticks), litter and pet waste.

Can the inflatables be used in the rain?

No. None of the items that we rent out can be used in the rain. If it happens to rain while the inflatable is up, please get off/out of the inflatable for safety reasons. After the rain stops, you can use the inflatable again, after you dry it off. Failure to dry it off properly may result in serious injury.

Can I pick up the unit and set it up myself?

To maintain the safety of our customers, we do not allow pick-ups on any of our units. The delivery and set up, for the local area (10 mile radius), of each of our rental units is included in the price. The free delivery offer only applies to full price rentals and not specials, coupons or discounted rentals.

I am not located within 10 miles, how much is my delivery going to be?

Please give us a call, and we will be happy to let you know if we deliver to your area, and how much it will be. If you rent enough items, we may be able to include the delivery into the regular price, otherwise, there may be an additional fee for delivery.

What is your bad weather policy?

We always reserve the right to cancel a reservation (at no penalty to you) if there is a high (40% or more) percent chance of rain or high winds are predicted. If there is a moderate chance of rain (20% - 40%) we will call you to see if you would still like the unit delivered, if you do, and it rains, you are responsible for the balance of the rental. If the chance of rain is under 20%, we will go ahead and deliver the unit.

How often are the inflatables cleaned?

We thoroughly clean each of our items before every rental. These regular cleanings are for your safety and to ensure the quality of our equipment, and we take it very seriously.

Does there have to be adult supervision present?

Yes, adult supervision must be present at all times. If you will not be able to provide someone to watch over the item you rented, and need help with your party, please let us know and we will be happy to provide one of our trained, courteous party attendants to help you, for a fee.

What is required for set up?

Each one of the items that we rent out requires a different amount of space, and has different power requirements. Please click here and choose the item that you will be renting to find out what those requirements are.

Do you use stakes or sandbags when you set up the inflatables?

If the inflatable is being set up outdoors, we will use stakes to secure it to the ground. If the set up is indoors, or on a hard surface, then we will use sandbags. For sandbag installations, there is an additional fee of $25 - $50 (depending on the inflatable you rent). If the inflatable is being set up outdoors, we highly recommend that you "Call Before You Dig" (811), to verify that there are no underground power, gas, sprinkler or communication lines where the inflatable will be going. Making certain that there are none of these lines is your responsibility, and Jump 2 It, llc. can not be held responsible if these lines are not marked properly and are severed during installation of the inflatable. This is very rare, but possible, since stakes are used to hold down the inflatable.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A $50 or 10% (whichever is larger) security deposit is required for each inflatable or concession item that is reserved. This deposit is due at the time of booking, and must be paid on a credit card (either in person or over the phone). We will not make the reservation without the deposit being made.

Remember, this is a security deposit, and will be charged at the time of booking the rental. At the time of delivery, the balance of the rental is due, in cash (cod). If there is any damage to the unit, you will be responsible for the repair or replacement cost of the unit, plus any lost rental income due to the damage. You may download a copy of our rental agreement here.

What is your cancellation policy?

The $50 security deposit is fully refundable if you cancel the reservation 21 days prior to your rental date. Any cancellation within the 21 day period will result in forfeiture of the security deposit. This time limit does not apply to cancellations due to weather. Any reservation that is cancelled the same day of the delivery, other than for weather, will result in the entire amount being charged to credit card on file. Please remember that you are responsible for ensuring that there is adequate space allotted for the inflatable to go in. Each unit's space requirements are listed on it's description page.